Evolution Simulation

Now on display at SeedCo.

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Bouteloua (Catherine C. Reed)

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Work is developing at my new space at SeedCo Studios in Lawrence, Kansas. Just for fun look at Sleeping Beauty's Chair and the Snake Tongue Boa (both in California private collections), and the poor little Unlucky Bamboos Revisited. The Evolution Simulation is on display now at SeedCo. Emerging Entropy 1, 2 and 3 add to the Goth Grandma series: entropy is a measure of the disorder in a system, and it's coming into play now more than ever. Beautiful colors are calling as winter ends. Let's keep in touch.

I work at the intersection of art, craft and science. I do the opposite of what the instructions say and draw from craft traditions of making do with available materials and overdoing simple techniques. I'm constantly exploring the balance between pattern and randomness in the natural world and in art. I studied biology intensively and worked as a scientist for many years. Now I enjoy the freedom from reality that art allows, while still working with random number tables, databases, diagrams and facts.

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Rising Reptile:
46" high x 38" wide. Knit and crocheted yarn back with tulle.

Rising Reptile

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